William Bajjali

Dr. William

Professor Emeritus


Dr. Bajjali career spans 38 years in the environmental field as a water resources specialist, researcher, and educator. His research interest and publications have been involved with water resources issues dealing with groundwater flow system, contaminations, modeling, water quality, geo-chemistry, environmental isotope applications in hydrogeology, and GIS applications in water resources research, environmental related problems, planning and management. He has been project manager of environmental development projects in several public and private sector organizations in the USA, Canada, Jordan, and Oman.

Teaching is an important component of my duty at UWS and I take this task very seriously in order to provide quality teaching. Therefore, I make sure that my students absorbing the course materials and learning the subject matters through effective and dynamic engagement. In all my courses, I design syllabi for each course that have clear objectives and outline what I expect from my students and what I want them to learn. In order to make sure they learn, I include in all my courses different activities such as quizzes, out-of-class assignments, labs, and real-world projects. Students get help and feedback through the semester with their projects and assignments. At the end of the semester, students should submit their project in front of the class as a PowerPoint presentation and submit a technical paper about their finding. In GIS courses, each student will ask to carry project related to their discipline and will be given the right to choose their own project. This approach ensure that the students learn the proper knowledge and understand the subject matter and improve their technical and investigative skills related to geoscience and spatial analysis techniques. This knowledge will be valuable for students to conduct research and applied in their field after graduation to meet the various community and employers’ needs.


  • 1994 – Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) – Hydrogeology, University of Ottawa
  • 1990 – Master of Science (M.Sc.) – Geology, University of Jordan
  • 1982 – Master of Engineering (MS) – Mining Engineer, St. Petersburg Mining Institute