Identity-Based Organizations

Coming Together Through Shared Identities and Experiences

UW-Superior is committed to inclusive excellence: creating a space for all students regardless of background, economic status, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, identity or spirituality to thrive and reach their fullest academic and personal potential. We provide individualized support throughout each student’s educational journey.

Black Student Union

The Black Student Union provides a positive outlook on African/African American culture and establishes a cohesive union of African/African American students, African/African American faculty and the community to create educational opportunities. The Black Student Union provides cultural awareness, social events, and support for students and the community.

Native Nations Student Organization

The Native Nations Student Organization (NNSO) strives to promote cultural diversity and awareness regarding First Nations and Indigenous cultures through outreach to the students, staff and faculty of UW-Superior and its surrounding communities.

The university shares our goal of promoting cultural diversity. We are proud to complement their mission of showing “respect for diverse cultures and multiple voices” through our educational opportunities. In the interest of diversity of culture, thought, and experience, NNSO shall be open to all students interested in joining, and shall offer opportunities to all members to become leaders as they learn about, share and experience various Indigenous ways of life.

UWS Alliance

The Alliance serves UW-Superior and the greater community by providing support and promoting visibility and awareness of/for LGBTQ2+ students, faculty, staff, and surrounding community. This core mission is accomplished through social/educational programs and services, activism, and advocacy.

This student organization seeks to provide:

  • A social and supportive group for LGBTQ2+ students and their allies to establish community.
  • A place where students can be themselves and learn about both personal and other’s identities.
  • Meetings and events that are open to all interested students, staff and faculty.

For more information about the student organization, contact UWS Alliance advisor T Leeper at

World Student Association

The mission of the World Student Association (WSA) is to promote global diversity and inclusion on campus and host events with this purpose. Signature events include International Cooking Demonstrations and Cultural Nights. WSA also takes trips to various places throughout the year.