Network Registration

UW-Superior has a network registration system designed to maintain the stability of the university’s network and make network access much easier than previous years. Follow the steps below to get your device on the network.

Wireless Registration

Wireless Laptops, Phones and Tablets – attach to the EDUROAM wireless network, and use your E-Hive username and password to log in. EDUROAM may also be available at other colleges, which will allow you to use your mobile device there as well. Wireless printers are not supported on the wireless network. Use a USB cable to connect your printer to your laptop/desktop computer.

Wired Network Devices, Gaming Systems or Smart TVs

For wired computers, gaming systems and smart TVs, please use the wired network port in your room to connect these high demanding network devices.

  1. Find your device’s wired MAC Address from its settings
  2. Self-register your device at portal. (NOTE: You may get a “certificate error.” Select to continue on this page – you may need to do this more than once.)
  3. Please contact ResNet by calling 715-394-8439, or emailing to request a port activation. In your request, please include your building, room number and indicate while looking at the window in your room whether you would like the left or right side activated.
  4. A ResNet Technician will activate your individual port, and you will have internet access.

*NOTE: It is normal for the status to read as “pending” after submitting the MAC address. However, you should still have internet access.

Please be aware that some rooms contain wireless access points in the room, which will take up one of the available network ports. This port cannot be activated for device use. Also, if you live in a double room, only one port can be activated per individual request. A roommate cannot request his/her roommate’s port to be activated. Suites can be activated the same way, one per individual request. If you are in a single room, you may have one port activated.

If you have any questions, please contact ResNet or visit our FAQ page.