Student Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance

Students who do not have insurance through their parents can purchase health insurance through the Wisconsin or Minnesota health insurance marketplaces.

International Student Health Insurance

The University of Wisconsin System requires all F-1 students to have illness and accidental insurance coverage. The requirement is for your protection because medical care in the U.S. is very expensive.

UW-Superior provides an international student accident and sickness insurance policy underwritten by Consolidated Health Plan (CHP).The charge will be automatically listed on your account and does not need to be paid separately. The insurance covers illness, accidents, preventative care and routine physical examinations ONLYIt does not cover sports examinations, routine vision or dental care. We strongly recommend that you take care of these needs in your home country before coming to UW-Superior, or while you are home during university breaks.

Coverage Period

Fall coverage: August 5 to January 9

Spring coverage: January 10 to August 4

Immunizations and Vaccinations

Students at public universities in Wisconsin are not required to submit immunization or health records. However, UW-Superior is required to provide certain immunization-related information and recommendations which can be found here

In addition, when students submit a UW-Superior housing contract, they are required to confirm receipt of immunization information, state whether they have received meningococcal and hepatitis B vaccinations, and if so, list the date of vaccination(s). It is not necessary to submit immunization, health or vaccine-related records or documents to UW-Superior. We recommend that you get any necessary immunizations and vaccinations prior to arriving on campus. 


Per University of Wisconsin System policy, all UW-Superior international students (in F-1 or J-1 status) are required to participate in the insurance policy arranged by the University of Wisconsin System and administered by Wellfleet unless they are registered in one of the pre-approved plans listed below. 

  • Insurance coverage by a US-based group health plan as an employee or dependent of an employee
  • Embassy of Oman / Cultural Division
  • KAUST Gifted Student Program
  • The Hadhramout Foundation Scholarship Program
  • Norwegian National Insurance Scheme (HELFO)
  • Royal Thai Embassy (OEA)
  • Saudi Arabia Cultural Mission (SACM)(Financial Guarantee Letter required)
  • Student Scholarship Program (SSP) of SABIC
  • United Arab Emirates Cultural Division

Students may apply for a waiver to the insurance requirement by submitting a completed waiver application on an annual basis, along with a copy of the front and back of the health insurance ID card and/or written verification of coverage. Please sign into your Terra Dotta Portal and apply for a waiver if you believe you are qualified.

Wellfleet Insurance Portal – set up your account/sign-in to print your insurance ID, view benefits summary, and view your claim status.

UW-Superior Student Health and Counseling Services offers variety of services such as mental health counseling, medical health referral, etc. Don’t hesitate to stop by their office and ask for help.