Gender Equity Resource Center

As a Women’s and LGBTQ2+ Resource Center, we welcome and advocate for the positive experience(s) of all people, regardless of race, gender, sexual identity, cultural background, ability status, age, socio-economic status, or any other form of diversity. Our work is guided by a consciousness of the intersections and interrelations around social issues, as we seek to have deeper conversations and create impactful programming around aspects of gender and sexuality.

In practice, this type of approach means that we strive to be adaptive and provide space to discuss the unique impacts of individual identities while maintaining firm grounding through understanding the overarching dynamics and systems in place. Our hope and drive through these approaches is to create environments that intentionally challenge and support all members of our community to explore themselves on deeper levels and strive to further support one another. 

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To provide education, resources, awareness, and advocacy on topics related to gender equity, sexuality and sexual health, women’s experiences, and LGBTQ2+ identities.


To empower and support individuals of all genders and sexualities through educational programming and workshops, communal connections, and experiences for self-reflection.