Maawanji’idiwin – The Place Where We Come Together

Medicine wheels are a symbol used by many different groups of Native and Indigenous people across the world to guide and provide numerous teachings and beliefs. The medicine wheel is an interconnected system of teachings relating to the natural cycles of life and the basic ways in which the natural world, including all humans, moves and evolves.

Boulder dedication to the Anishinaabe People.

Because we are located on Ojibwe land, one of the teachings recognized and portrayed in our campus medicine wheel comes from an Ojibwe tradition. This teaching is that the four races of humankind are all represented in the wheel together, as they were all created at the same time. Without one race, or if a race is greatly disrupted, everything will fall out of balance and harmony.

The Medicine Wheel is located in the UW-Superior courtyard near the Yellowjacket Union and is the first of its kind at any four-year college campus in the area.

We created the Medicine Wheel – a sacred Native American symbol – not only to pay honor to the Ojibwe people, whose land UWS inhabits, but also to provide a cultural and educational gathering space for all.

Guidelines On How to Use It

Due to the cultural and communal significance, we kindly ask that all visitors treat this space with the utmost respect. Please try to follow these guidelines (or other culturally relevant guidelines you personally hold):

  • It is recommended that you enter and exit the circle from the east (red section), and walk around the circle in a clockwise direction. This is to follow the direction of the sun each day and show respect for other natural cycles in the world.
  • Please help maintain the cleanliness of this area by taking any items with you when you leave.

All are welcome in this space. If you would like more information or guidance, please contact the Indigenous Culture Resource Center at or 715-394-8501.