Nontraditional Student & Student Parent Resources

Supporting Nontraditional Students

Whether you’re seeking your degree to advance in your career or as a personal goal, UW-Superior is here to provide you support and resources to help you be succeed.

How to Enroll at UW-Superior

We’ve outlined the steps you need to take to apply to UW-Superior. Once you are admitted, have completed the nontraditional student checklist and attended an orientation session, then you will be able to register for classes through E-Hive.

Child Care Subsidy Program

UW-Superior can help with student child care costs through the UW-Superior Child Care Subsidy Program.

What is the Subsidy Program?

The UW-Superior Child Care Subsidy Program is money granted to enrolled UW-Superior students with children in one of the child care centers listed below. Your eligibility will be determined, and based on:

  1. Student status (enrolled in 6+ credits)
  2. Number and ages of children in care, and 
  3. Whether your child is enrolled in one of the Child Care Centers listed below. If your childcare center is not listed below, please contact the VNSC to discuss the potential for adding your center to our approved list. In-home childcare is not eligible for the subsidy. 

Child Care Center Locations

Your child must be enrolled in one of the centers listed below to qualify for the child care subsidy, barring the addition and acceptance of your current center.

  • New Horizons Children’s Center of Superior (28th and Hill Avenues – Mariner Mall) 715-392-4211
  • Noah’s Ark Day Care Center (1625 N. 59th St.) 715-392-1555
  • Superior Children’s Center (2416 Hill Ave.) 715-395-1933
  • Superior Children’s Center (1209 N 7th St.) 715-392-3334
  • YMCA Child Care (9 N 21st St.) 715-392-5611
  • Little Lambs Learning Center (802 Maple Grove Road, Duluth) 218-206-6264
  • Peter Piper Kiddie Nursery Inc. (561 Cleveland Ave., Marinette) 715-732-0433
  • University Nursery School (College Street, Coppertop, Jefferson in Duluth) 218-269-0641
  • Aunty’s Child Care (Lakeside or Spirit Valley) 218-522-4512  
  • Creation Station Child Care (Lake Superior College 2101 Trinity Road, Duluth, MN 55811) 218-733-7647
  • YWCA Spirit Valley (411 N 57th Ave. W., Duluth, MN 55807) 218-624-5451

Child Care Subsidy Application Form

Applicant Address(Required)
(MM/DD/YYYY e.g., 01/01/2010)
Check Which Child Care Center Your Child(ren) are Enrolled in(Required)
If your child goes to other child care centers, please list them here
Check all the terms you will be enrolled at UW-Superior and are applying for Subsidy Funds(Required)
Last, First MI
Last, First MI
Last, First MI
Last, First MI
I verify the information provided on this application is true, accurate, and complete.(Required)
I understand that On-Campus Child Care Subsidy Program funds are only to be used for costs associated with my child(ren)s child care costs(Required)
I give my permission for the Veteran and Nontraditional Student Center to communicate with my child care provider(s) regarding this application(Required)
I will submit a copy of my child(ren)s birth certificate(Required)
I understand it is my responsibility to pay the child care center the balance of the child care bill. If in the event the balance is not paid, I understand that I will not be eligible for a child care subsidy until the balance is paid(Required)
Enter your campus email address in place of your signature to acknowledge the above statements