Nontraditional Students Orientation

Who is Considered a Nontraditional Student?

A nontraditional student is a student who meets any one of the following characteristics, or a combination of them.

  • 25 years old or older
  • Married with or without children
  • Single with children
  • Active duty military
  • Veteran
  • Spouse of a veteran or active duty military
  • Dependent of a veteran

Several Options to Fit Your Needs

Select one of the following orientation options and register using the form below.

In-Person Nontraditional Student Orientation Night

This event is for incoming students who would like to attend a two-hour session for orientation at the UW-Superior campus. The orientation will cover Title IV information, all technology information you would need to access, and highlight resources for those who are nontraditional students. During this orientation you have time to ask questions to others students who are similar to you and gauge how their transition was into their academic career. This orientation is to make the transition into your time at UW-Superior easier and we have found in past years this orientation is well received and beneficial to those who have attended! We hope that you chose this option and find that it is helpful to the beginning of your academic career here at UW-Superior! For more information or questions contact the Veteran and Nontraditional Student Center

Online Nontraditional Student Orientation Night (Live)

Zoom is an online application we use for this event. Zoom allows you to video chat into the event and participate as if you were here physically. If you select this option you will be sent a link for the event and will need to create a free account with Zoom to register for the event. You will then enter the access code we send and you will be able to join our event. The link to register for this event will not be sent until we get closer to the actual date of the orientation night. Please be patient while we create the event on Zoom to send you that verification code. You need a quiet room, with a laptop/computer you can use for video and sound to access this orientation option.

Weekend of Welcome (WOW)

Weekend of Welcome is an orientation option that has to be done on the UW-Superior campus. This is a two day long event that is for new students if you chose this option.

Online Orientation Completed at Your Convenience

This orientation option is one that will need to be completed online by a specific date. If you do not wish to participate in WOW or one of the Nontraditional Student Orientation Nights, you will need to register for this online orientation option. For more information or questions on this option please contact Jennifer Bird.

Nontraditional Student Orientation Night Registration

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