Admitted International Students Checklist

Congratulations on being admitted to UW-Superior! Here are your next steps. If you have any questions, please contact International Admissions via email or on WhatsApp at +1 715-817-6311.

Confirm Your Plans to Enroll at UW-Superior

The offer of admission is an invitation to join the UW-Superior campus community. To best prepare for the incoming class, we need to know whether students have accepted our invitation. In order to reserve a place and be eligible to register for classes, admitted students must submit a $100 enrollment deposit. The deposit will be applied to your first semester’s tuition bill.

Deposit deadlines:

  • For the fall semester, freshman and transfer international students should pay their enrollment deposit by May 1, or within 30 days of receiving their letter of acceptance, whichever is later.
  • For the spring semester, students should pay their enrollment deposit by Nov. 1 or within 30 days of receiving their letter of acceptance, whichever is later.

The enrollment deposit is not refundable after May 1 (fall semester) or Nov. 1 (spring semester).

International students attending UW-Superior through an exchange program or students who intend to study for only one or two semesters are not required to submit an enrollment deposit.

Create Your E-Hive Password

E-Hive is an online student portal that contains important information. You will need to set up your E-Hive password in order to register for classes, take online placement test(s), reserve your room in the residence, access your student bill, see who your academic adviser is and more.

Please refer to the E-Hive information that was attached to your admission email. If you have difficulty setting up your E-Hive account password, we recommend contacting the helpful staff at the Technology Help Desk at or by phone at +1 715-394-8300.

Apply for Campus Housing and Meal Plan

UW-Superior provides convenient and affordable housing and meal options. Upon admission, all students are automatically sent an email with information about the residence halls and the room/roommate assignment process. Undergraduate students are required to live on campus for the entire academic year if they are under the age of 20 on the first day of the fall semester of the academic year.

UW-Superior uses a 100% online process by which students submit housing contracts, find roommates and select rooms. Admitted students are sent a message with instructions about the process shortly after they are admitted. You will need your E-Hive username and password in order to apply for a meal plan. Please see above for more information.

Please keep in mind the following:

  • The most conveniently located residence halls for undergraduate students are Curran, McNeil, and Ostrander. Ross and Hawkes Halls are four blocks from campus and cost more than the other residence halls.
  • The residence halls are open during Thanksgiving, winter and spring breaks. There is limited campus food service during these times.
  • Students who break a contract after July 1 are required to pay a $500 penalty.
  • Fall semester students who submit contracts but do not have a roommate by June 15 – which is the majority of international students – are automatically assigned a roommate by the Residence Life Office. All spring semester students are automatically assigned roommates unless they request a particular roommate to the Residence Life Office.

Any questions related to living on campus can be sent to Residence Life.

Off-Campus Housing

Since UW-Superior offers convenient and affordable on-campus housing, it does not provide services related to locating and arranging off-campus housing. Students who will be age 20 or older on the first day of the fall semester of the academic year and who intend to live off campus should arrive in Superior several weeks before the start of their intended arrival date to locate suitable housing, purchase furnishings, and familiarize themselves with local transportation.

Meal Plans

Students who are required to live on campus are also required to participate in the meal plan. There are two meal plan options. Meal plan Jacket Points can be used at any of the dining venues, providing great flexibility.

Students choose which meal plan they prefer when submitting their housing contract, and it is possible to change meal plans early in first two weeks of the semester.

Schedule a Visa Interview

To apply for an F-1 visa, students should contact or visit the website of the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate for detailed instructions. Requirements for processing the visa will vary by location. Additional information can be found at Getting an F-1 Student Visa and Arriving at a US Port of Entry.

Canadian students are not required to apply for a visa, but they are required to obtain a Form I-20 from the university and pay a one-time SEVIS fee to the U.S. Student Education Visitor Program (SEVP). Please refer to our Important Immigration Information for Canadian Students guide.

Students currently in F-1 status in the U.S. are given guidance in their admission email about how to transfer their SEVIS record to UW-Superior. For general information about transferring your SEVIS record (I-20) to UW-Superior, please refer to F-1 Students Transferring to UW-Superior.

Schedule Placement Exams

Most new students at UW-Superior — American and international — are required to take one or more placement tests. Incoming students are contacted about how and when to take the required placement tests. If you are not contacted, please reach out to International Admissions.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Non-native English-speaking students, including one-semester or one-year exchange students, who have submitted proficiency scores in the following ranges are generally required to take one to four English as a Second Language (ESL) courses, depending on their scores and speaking interview.

TOEFL iBT61-79
TOEFL PBT500-549
SAT ERW470-519
PTE Academic47-54
STEP EikenGrade Pre-1
Cambridge English B2 First162-179

Learn more about ESL courses and proficiency scores.

TOEFL iBT: 61-79 IELTS: 5.5-6.0 Duolingo 100-110 PTE: 47-54 TOEFL 500-549

Students transferring from an English language program are generally also required to take ESL courses. Students who are required to take ESL courses do NOT take the regular English placement exam. You will be contacted by the ESL coordinator with additional information. If you are uncertain about what placement exam(s) are appropriate for you, please contact International Admissions.

English and Math

Like at all U.S. universities, all degree-seeking students are required to fulfill English and math requirements.

Before students can enroll in the appropriate, required English or mathematics courses, they must take the English and mathematics placement examinations. 

Students who are required to take ESL courses also must take the math placement exam, but do not take an English placement exam. Students are contacted by email by the placement test coordinator with guidance about how to take the placement tests online. Note that all degree-seeking students should take one or more English or ESL courses during their first semester at UW-Superior, and we strongly recommend that they fulfill the math requirement in their first one or two semesters. All incoming international students must take 1) either the English or ESL speaking interview AND 2) the math placement exam. The only exceptions to this requirement are the following:

  • Transfer students who have received transfer credit by UW-Superior for mathematics and/or English course(s) are, in most cases, exempt from having to take the corresponding placement exam(s).
  • Exchange students who are not required to take an ESL placement exam and who do not intend to take English or math courses do not need to take placement exams.
    • For example, students attending UW-Superior through the programs of Yonsei University Mirae, Oldenburg University, Ibaraki University or Hessen.

Registering for Courses

An academic advisor will contact all students who have paid their enrollment deposit as early as mid-April (for students starting UW-Superior in fall semester) or in early October (for students starting in spring semester) with information about registering for courses.

Typically, the advisor will contact a student within 1-2 weeks of submission of the enrollment deposit. Please reach out to International Admissions if you have not been contacted within three weeks of paying your enrollment deposit.

Please keep in Mind: 

  • You will need to know your E-Hive username and password to log into the university E-Hive system, where you register for classes. Please see the information above about setting up your E-Hive password.
  • Every effort will be made to allow you to get the best first-semester schedule possible, but there are some restrictions on course availability.
  • During the first semester, it is common for the majority of courses to be general education courses, especially for new freshman students.
  • It is generally possible for the initial schedule to be changed after you arrive on campus and have taken placement tests. Your assigned academic advisor may suggest some changes. Students will be able to meet with an academic advisor during orientation.

Purchasing Course Textbooks

Students are strongly encouraged to buy their textbooks for the first semester when they arrive on campus. Course schedules are generally not finalized until students arrive, so buying them in advance could result in wasted time and money (and heavier luggage!).

Textbooks can be purchased new or used in the ‘Jacket Book and Supply store on campus or online.

Prepare for Your Travel to UW-Superior

New international students can check their acceptance letters for information about the date(s) that they are expected to arrive.

To help us prepare for your arrival at the university and arrange pick-up service when needed, we request that all students complete the International Student Arrival Form.

Students are required to arrive on the intended arrival date to ensure they do not miss the required international student orientation.

Students do not need to arrive early to shop, buy a cell phone or phone plan, open a bank account or get acclimated to campus. The Office of Intercultural Student Success provides assistance with these activities as part of international student orientation. Students may be allowed to move into the residence halls a maximum of five days before the intended arrival date for a fee of $29/per night. There is limited on-campus food service and staffing before the official arrival date. Students who arrive more than five days before the intended arrival day are responsible for arranging their own accommodation and transportation.

Transportation from the Duluth International Airport

  • The nearest airport is the Duluth (Minnesota) International Airport (Airport code: DLH). This is about 10 miles (15 km) from UW-Superior.
  • We are pleased to provide free airport pick-up service on designated arrival days at the Duluth International Airport for new international students (arrival days are indicated in students’ acceptance letters). A representative welcomes new students and brings them to their assigned residence hall rooms. If students arrive before the designated arrival days, airport pick-up service may be available for a $40 fee (similar to the cost of a taxi).

Transportation from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport

  • We do not recommend ending your flight in Minneapolis, Minnesota (Airport code: MSP; approximately 150 miles (240 KM) from Superior/Duluth). Students who choose to end their flights in Minneapolis may take a shuttle bus to Duluth. The two transportation options for this airport are below.
    • Groome Transportation. Students should choose the Minneapolis-Duluth option and arrange to be dropped off at the “Holiday Gas Station” stop (or “Holiday & 27th” on the schedule), which is 5 miles (8 km) from UW-Superior. A UW-Superior representative will be glad to welcome you and bring you to campus.
    • Landline Bus. Students should choose the Minneapolis (MSP)-Duluth Airport (DLH) option. A UW-Superior representative will welcome you at the Duluth Airport and bring you to campus.
  • Taking a shuttle bus generally takes longer and is much more complicated than flying to Duluth. If your luggage is lost during your flight, it is difficult to recover your luggage due to the distance to UW-Superior. Students who choose this option MUST reserve their shuttle bus ticket before they leave their home countries.

Arriving via Personal Transportation

For students who arrange for their own arrival to campus, please complete the International Student Arrival Form. Buildings and residence halls may be locked when you arrive, so completing this form will let us know about your arrival and ensure that appropriate assistance will be available. Please refer to maps and directions information to get to the university.

Pack Your Bags!

Packing for Superior Weather

The weather in Superior varies quite a bit throughout the year.

  • The summer months, June through much of September, are often very warm and breezy, with daytime temperatures between 70° F and 85° F (21° to 30° C).
  • High temperatures in the winter months of November to March average 25°F (-4°C) and can drop below 0°F (-17°C) with low wind chills and frequent snow accumulations.
  • Other months are moderate in temperature.

During the coldest months, you will need a warm, heavy coat (preferably resistant to wind and water), waterproof boots and gloves. You can purchase these items in Superior if you prefer not to transport them from abroad. We do recommend, however, that you bring at least one set of warm clothes. Additionally, it is worth noting that most American students generally wear informal and comfortable clothing in the classroom (such as jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, etc.).

Other Packing Tips

Packing is a challenge for many international students. Please keep in mind:

  • If you forget something, you can generally have it shipped or purchase it locally.
  • Students have the opportunity to request bedding/linens for their arrival. More information is provided close to the time of arrival.
  • Bring prescription medicine you might need while you are here in original labeled containers. These tend to be very expensive in the U.S.
  • The World Student Association (WSA) holds a Cultural Night event each year. You might consider bringing some traditional clothing or items so you can show off your national pride!

Submit an Official Paper Copy of your Transcript(s) and Academic Records

Transcripts and academic records submitted to UW-Superior via email are considered unofficial. Students are required to submit official copies of transcripts from each high school attended, including their final high school transcript and proof of graduation. Please see our International Student Transcripts and Academic Records page for more information.

Health Insurance and Immunization/Vaccination Information

Health Insurance

The University of Wisconsin System requires all F-1 students to have illness and accidental insurance coverage. The requirement is for your protection because medical care in the U.S. is very expensive. UW-Superior provides an international student accident and sickness insurance policy underwritten by Anthem. The charge will be automatically listed on your account and does not need to be paid separately. The insurance covers illness, accidents, preventative care and routine physical examinations ONLYIt does not cover sports examinations, routine vision or dental care. We strongly recommend that you take care of these needs in your home country before coming to UW-Superior or while you are home during university breaks.

Coverage Period

  • Fall coverage: Aug. 5 to Jan. 9
  • Spring coverage: Jan. 10 to Aug. 4

For questions about this policy, please contact the Office of Intercultural Student Success at


Per University of Wisconsin System policy, all UW-Superior international students (in F-1 or J-1 status) are required to participate in the insurance policy arranged by the University of Wisconsin System and administered by Wellfleet unless they are registered in one of the pre-approved plans listed below. 

  • Insurance coverage by a US-based group health plan as an employee or dependent of an employee
  • Embassy of Oman / Cultural Division
  • KAUST Gifted Student Program
  • Royal Thai Embassy (OEA)
  • Saudi Arabia Cultural Mission (SACM)(Financial Guarantee Letter required)
  • Student Scholarship Program (SSP) of SABIC
  • United Arab Emirates Cultural Division

Students registered in one of the plans above may contact the Office of Intercultural Student Success at for guidance about how to apply for a waiver.

Immunizations and Vaccinations

Students at public universities in Wisconsin are not required to submit immunization or health records. However, UW-Superior is required to provide certain immunization-related information and recommendations.

In addition, when students submit a UW-Superior housing contract, they are required to confirm receipt of immunization information and state whether they have received meningococcal and hepatitis B vaccinations, and if so, list the date of vaccination(s). It is not necessary to submit immunization, health or vaccine-related records or documents to UW-Superior. 

Money Matters

UW-Superior is a public institution, and its fee rates for an academic year are approved by the Wisconsin state legislature in late July. Before that time, it is best to refer to the costs for the previous academic year with the understanding that costs in the U.S. increase an average of 5% per year. Once fees have been established, admitted students are sent an email regarding money matters. The message will include information about the cost of tuition, fees, residence hall room, and health insurance rates, plus information about payment methods, deadlines, electronic billing, banking and related topics.

In the meantime, keep in mind the following:

  • University fees are charged per fall (September-December) and spring (January-May) semester.
  • The only payment that is required before arrival to campus is the $100 enrollment deposit.
  • Students should not make payments toward their student bill before arriving to UW-Superior.
  • UW-Superior does not mail billing statements to students. Billing statements are prepared during the week before the semester and are only available online via E-Hive.
  • Students must pay at least 50% of their student bill by the fifth week of the semester. Any portion of the student bill that is not paid by that time will be charged a 1.5% monthly finance charge
  • Students can make payment via Flywire, the university’s international bank wire transfer partner, personal check or credit card/debit card, for which there is a 2.5% convenience fee.

Additional information about these topics is included in the money matters information sent to students approximately one month before the beginning of the semester.

International Student Orientation

The week before classes begin, new international students participate in orientation activities, which provide information and guidance to help successfully transition to UW-Superior. Orientation is organized by the Office of Intercultural Student Success (ISS) and includes information about immigration/visa regulations, course registration, cultural adjustment, student safety, and local shopping and transportation, student support services and on-campus employment opportunities.

During orientation, you will have an opportunity to:

  • Open a bank account
  • Get a phone/phone plan
  • Get a Student ID and complete your class schedule
  • Buy books and shop for essentials (pillows, blanket, towels, phone, computer, clothes) and groceries.

You do not need to arrive early to do any of the above.

Orientation also includes Weekend of Welcome (WoW). Various social events during orientation allow students to make new friends, get to know campus and explore the area.

Participation in orientation is required for all new international students.

Global Buds Friendship Program

The Global Buds Friendship Program pairs international students with domestic students or UW-Superior staff/faculty in order to encourage friendship and cross-cultural understanding. New international students can sign up for the Global Buds Friendship Program before arriving or during orientation.

A Note Regarding Privacy, Grade Reports and Billing

Under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, U.S. universities are not allowed to disclose certain information about students to the public, including family.

In the U.S., the ownership of information is transferred to the student once the student is 18 years of age or attending a university. Student ownership of information includes:

  • Billing information
  • Academic standing
  • Course schedules
  • Financial aid

Although this might seem strange and/or counterintuitive, the University of Wisconsin-Superior, including the Office of Intercultural Student Success (ISS), cannot give billing information, academic standing, course schedules, or financial aid information to your parents, relatives, guardian or friends. 

ISS realizes that in some circumstances this can be frustrating for students and/or their families. Most students follow our suggestion to simply take it upon themselves to keep their parents or other key people informed. A second option is to sign a release of information waiver that is available through the ISS. Completing and submitting this form will allow UW-Superior staff to share your information with anyone indicated on the form. 

The U.S. government provides information about FERPA (The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act) if you would like to learn more.