Class Schedule

Class Schedule

For up-to-date information on all schedules, you can view the class schedule below. For registration, please refer to the class search page in E-Hive.

Class Section Identifier Key

Class Section Identifiers indicate the type of class offered. UW-Superior uses these numbers and letters in the first character of the class section:

CodeDescriptionAcademic Year SectionsSummer College SectionsClass Assoc. Numbers
0Full-term class001K sections1, 2, 3, etc.
1Credit carrying section of a full term class with an associated lab (schedule with 5)101K sections1, 2, 3, etc.
2Mini class (less than full term, schedule with 3)201K sections1, 2, 3, etc.
3Mini class section of class with an associated lab (Less than full term, schedule with 2)301K sections1, 2, 3, etc.
5Non-credit lab section (must be scheduled with 1)501K sections1, 2, 3, etc., or 999
9Regular Extension (Cont. Ed.) no SEG fees, Non-Degree Seeking Students. However, if a regular class is taught with this section code, SEG fees are charged.915, 920915, 92015, 20
9VContinuing Education ITV9V1 91
AC-section online courses and lab, if applicable, are designed for on-campus studentsA04, A05 04, 05
BBusiness Alliance CoursesB07, B08B07, B087, 8
CStudy Abroad placeholder for courses (Registrar’s Office)C01/CO1LC01/CO1L1, 2, 3, etc.
CGCybersecurity (Graduate Online)CG1CG125
DData Science (Graduate Online)DG1DG125
EOnline Learning (Extended Degree) and lab, if applicableE1, E1LE1, E1L25-39
GStudy Abroad place holder for courses (Registrar’s Office)G01, G02G01, G021-24
GEGraduate Education Online (Academic Partnerships)GE1, GE2GE1, GE225-29
HHealth and Wellness Management (Graduate Online)HU1HU125-29
KSummer College K001, K101, K201, K301, K5011, 2, 3, etc.
LESL through Extension, will have SEG feesL9, L11, L12L9, L11, L129, 11, 12, etc.
MSustainable Management (SMGT) (Graduate Online)MG1MG125-29
MSustainable Management (SMGT) (Undergraduate Online)MU1MU125-29
NNational Student Exchange (Registrar’s Office)N01, N02N01 – N321-32
POnline 8-Week Course (less than full term)P01P0125
QCourse which includes Study AbroadQ01Q011
SStudy Abroad (Wisconsin in Scotland-Registrar’s Office)S01, S201, 201, 20
TInfo Technology Management (Graduate Online)TG1, TG2TG1, TG225-29
VPublic Leadership and Changemaking Online ClassesV1, V2 25-29
XContinuing Education Online classesX50X5050

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