Lost and Found Items

Misplaced Something?

Have you lost or misplaced an important item around campus? Here’s what you should do.

Start by checking with the offices in buildings where you think you may have lost your item.

Information about lost items may then be reported to University Police by filling out our online lost item reporting form.

The Lost Item Reporting form requires you to have your web browser’s pop-up blocker either off or disabled for omnigo.com. Please see instructions on how to adjust your pop-up blocker settings.

If you have lost any credit cards or a checkbook, and you are not sure whether they have been stolen or just lost, please contact your bank or credit card company immediately and tell them of your loss. This should flag any attempted use of these items by anyone other than you.

Report any known suspicious use of any of these items to your local police department as soon as possible.

Found Something?

All items that have been found anywhere on campus grounds or in campus buildings should be turned in to University Police at the Public Safety Building at 606 Belknap St. at the corner of Belknap Street and Catlin Avenue.

Note: Found items that remain unclaimed for over one month will be disposed of. Call 715-394-8114 for information on lost/found items or stop by the Public Safety Building.

Email Chief of Police Officer Joe Eickman with questions concerning lost/found items.