Randy Barker, director of health, counseling & well-Being, leads a UW-Superior Center for Continuing Education class, “Self-Care Strategies for Older Adults,” in the Yellowjacket Union.

What We Provide for our Surrounding Community

Outside of campus, we offer microcredential classes and workshops for groups, businesses and organizations. We work with various groups to create specialized workshops and programming that is needed and beneficial to the groups we are working with. This can be for K-12 students, teachers, sports teams, businesses that work in stressful environments and non-profits. The goal is to help meet any need for help in decreasing stress, increasing self-awareness and improved well-being. Below is a list of classes and workshops we provide.

This class is great for employees, volunteers, business owners, or anyone who works in a stressful environment. Learning the necessary skills to take care of oneself can increase quality of life and overall happiness. This workshop helps:

  • Identify ways to address, prevent, and recover from burnout
  • Find steps to reduce workplace stress
  • Prevention: Identifying feelings of burnout BEFORE you’re burned out
  • Help in understanding ourselves (self-awareness) and what we can and cannot handle
  • Learning to say no AND ask for what is needed

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to identify and regulate one’s emotions and understand the emotions of others. Since emotions go with us everywhere, this class provides the necessary skills that can greatly improve a working environment by helping us deal more effectively with people at work, home, and in life in general. Gaining better emotional Intelligence helps:

  • Improve impulse control
  • Reduce team stress
  • Build Relationships
  • Defuse Conflict
  • Improve job satisfaction
  • Recognize biases
  • Increase self-awareness

This is a four-part workshop focusing on the PERMANENT* Model of Well-Being in the workplace, a holistic approach to living well in mind, body, and spirit. In addition to learning well-being concepts and strategies to help you flourish professionally, you’ll experience and reflect on lessons from the most up-to-date scientific research, including:

  • Positive Psychology
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Neuroscience and Positive Education

*Present Moment Awareness, Emotional Intelligence, Relationships, Meaning, Achievement, Needed Sleep, Exercise, Nutrition & Thinking

In this course participants will learn about mindfulness; what it is, how it can help in reducing stress, and how to incorporate more of it into your life. In addition, the course includes practice of many different forms of mindfulness, from meditation to gentle stretching, to awareness of the breath, and more. This is a 6-week program.

Throughout the year we bring in lecturers to speak on subjects and areas related to mental health, well-being, and mindfulness. These lectures are often FREE for the community, students and campus staff. View our calendar of classes and upcoming lectures and events below to see what we have coming up!

What We Provide on Campus

We work with RA’s, students, instructors, and staff to help facilitate conversations around mindfulness and well-being. This can mean organizing events, providing resources, encouraging conversations about a need we can fill, supporting our on-campus student ambassadors, and doing “un-plug” retreats. On campus, we offer a mindful space for everyone, at our Center. It’s a peaceful space with tea, coloring options, and a library full of resources. This is available to students, staff, and faculty.

Events and Classes

Weekly Yoga – We provide free yoga to everyone weekly as a part of encouraging others to take time for themselves.

Intro to Mindfulness (HHP 120) – A 3-credit course available in the Fall and Spring semesters for UW-Superior students. This is an experiential course designed for those who are curious about mindfulness.

Goat Yoga – A popular event we offer to students.

Goat Yoga
Goat Yoga

PEER Ambassadors

We also have PEER (Peer Education Enhancement Resource) Ambassadors who help and promote and encourage mindfulness and well-being to other students.