Blue Light Emergency Phones

These phones are designed for EMERGENCY use only!

Sixteen (16) Blue Light Emergency Telephones are located throughout campus near most buildings and parking lots.

  • They are mounted on tall, brown pylons with the word “Emergency” written on the side.
  • When the phone has been activated, a blue light mounted on the top of each pylon will begin flashing.
  • These phones are tested weekly by the University Police Department and maintained by the University’s Electricians.

To operate these phones, you must first push the red button, then wait for a University Police Department to answer.

  • When you get an answer, the phone system will have informed the officer of your location automatically.
  • Next, when the University Police Department speaks to you, you should state the nature of your emergency.
  • If you are not able to speak into the phone safely, leave it activated and go to the safest area you can find nearby to wait for the responding University Police Department officer to arrive.
  • A University Police Department Officer will go to the area as soon as possible. If possible, stay near the phone, or go to the nearest lighted building entrance that you can see from the phone.
  • If possible, let the officer know that you are not going to be at the blue phone location, but that you’ll watch for their arrival from a safer location nearby.
  • When the officer arrives, you can flag them down so that they may work to assist you.