How to Report a Crime

Call 911 Immediately for a Serious/Violent Crime in Progress

Be sure to share:

  • The type of crime occurring
  • The exact location or address where this crime is occurring
  • The suspect(s) name(s) if known
  • A description. i.e. clothing, height, hair color, build

Stay on the line until told to hang up by the 911 operator, if safe to do so.

To report a non-serious/non-violent crime that is currently in progress on campus, please call the UW-Superior University Police Department at (715) 394-8114 or complete the form below.

Knowledge of a Crime

NOTE: Submitted online anonymous crime report forms may not be read immediately!

Your Name
Optional Information
Optional Information
Optional Information
Explain why you think crime is being committed at this location.
If the suspect name is not known, give a description. i.e. Clothing, Vehicle, etc
How you became aware of this crime: eyewitness, suspect told me, heard it from someone else, etc
Was Campus Safety 394-8114 / Superior Police Department 394-0234 – 911 called about this crime? If Yes, when (date/time)?