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Indigenous People’s Day

Indigenous People’s Day is a holiday that celebrates and honors the achievements of the original inhabitants of this land while bringing awareness to the erasure of Native history from textbooks and education. Indigenous People’s Day takes place on the second Monday in October.

Traditional Storytelling Night

The traditional storytelling event is a fun night of storytelling by regional speakers that takes place in the winter. Winter is the traditional time for storytelling and it is a great way to come together during those long winter months.

EDI Certificate Program

The Department of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Certificate Program aims to provide a theoretical framework for understanding equity and diversity work through personal reflection and storytelling. The certificate gives participants direct experience working and communicating across differences while helping them apply EDI work into their personal and professional lives.


RISE Community Circles is a free, two-year cohort program that aims to provide a support network for underrepresented minority students during their transition into and through the first two years of their college careers.

RISE supports Indigenous students in reaching their full potential through programming, student organizations, and general guidance.