Yellowjacket Union Policies

Food and Beverage

If ANY food or beverage is to be made available to members or guests attending a meeting, program or event in the Yellowjacket Union, arrangements MUST be made with the University Dining Service; 715-394-8102 . Cash and catered operations are available.  All food and beverages MUST be provided by the University Dining Service. UW-Superior has a contract with a corporate vendor granting them exclusive rights to these services in the Yellowjacket Union.

Recognized student organizations may provide pre-packaged food and non-alcoholic beverages and/or prepared food that is delivered for meetings and programs in the Yellowjacket Union from pre-approved, licensed and fully insured alternate suppliers per Business and Financial Services Office policy.  Food and beverages obtained from any combination of alternate suppliers may not exceed $100 in total cost per event, including delivery and gratuity charges.

Solicitation and Sales

Recognized student organizations and University departments or program areas may solicit in the building. Outside interests and private enterprises will be allowed to solicit only at the invitation of and under the sponsorship of a recognized student organization or University department or program area.  Sponsorship includes the assumption of responsibility for the activity and includes monitoring of the event. Individual, sponsored outside interests shall be limited to 3 dates per semester.

ALL solicitation must take place from a contact table reserved in advance. Solicitors must wait for people to inquire at their assigned space. Solicitors may not move through the building to confront patrons or verbally approach them in a forceful manner as they pass. This applies to materials for sale, materials to be given away free and to activities aimed at persuading people to a particular viewpoint or course of action.

Minimum sponsorship fees for sales by outside vendors, payable to the sponsoring organization, are:

  • $25/day for sales by sole proprietors or limited partnerships
  • $100/day for sales by larger businesses or corporations

It is highly recommended that sponsoring organizations negotiate fees to their greatest advantage.

Credit card promotions will be allowed only under the sponsorship of the Alumni Association per University policy.

Contact table reservations may be made by calling 715-394-8535 or in Yellowjacket Union Room 151.

Rent and Use Policy

UW-Superior Group
UW-Superior Registered Student Organizations, Academic Departments and Administrative Bodies

UW-Superior registered student organizations, academic departments and administrative bodies are NOT charged rent for use of Union facilities.

However, a per-person per-day facility use fee or the educational agency rent, whichever is less, will be charged for programs sponsored by academic departments and administrative bodies that target non-students and require a registration or service fee. Related business and committee meetings and currently enrolled UW-Superior students are exempt. The facility use fee shall be roughly equivalent to the daily rate per class day paid by full-time students during the academic year.

Non-UW-Superior Group
Non-UW-Superior, off-campus groups are allowed to use facilities on a restricted basis. Fees apply for use of space and dining services.

Academic Year (September through mid-May)
The request MUST be for a function of a formal community group, business, educational unit or governmental agency.
Non-University social events, including cocktail services and dances, MUST be accompanied by a food program.
Summer (mid-May through August)
All events are acceptable under the following conditions:

Monday – Thursday:

Non-University personal and social events, including cocktail services and dances, MUST be accompanied by a food program.

Friday after 5 p.m., Saturday and Sunday:

All non-University one-day events, including meetings, conferences, business activities, personal and social events, cocktail services and dances, MUST be accompanied by a food program. In addition to rent for use of space, a minimum of $5,000 must be spent on food and beverages, including sales at a cash bar.