Student Organization Information

Technology Resources for Student Orgs

Below we have some descriptions and links to the technology related resources you are most likely to use or need as a Student Organization.  Our Technology Help Desk is here to help with whatever you may need, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have.

  • Resources page – This page provides current resources and training on online systems, software, and technology used by the UW-Superior campus. Look here first if you are seeking information on anything technology related.
  • Email – If you need an email address for your student organization you can request this through Student Involvement.
  • Purchasing – If you need to purchase anything technology related for your student organization you will need to contact the Technology Help Desk so we can purchase it for you, all technology must be purchased according to state purchasing rules. To purchase equipment, you must have permission from Student Involvement and an account to charge the purchase to.
  • Maintaining Equipment – Technology Services provides support for the technology used by your organization, if you have any issues or technical problems you can contact the Technology Help Desk for assistance.
  • Equipment Checkout – If your student organization would like to borrow technology, the Technology Help Desk can reserve equipment for you to use.  Available items include laptops, projectors, screens, cameras, sound systems, and more.
  • Appropriate Use of UW-Superior Information Technology Resources Policy – This policy directly applies to student organizations and technology. Please review and become familiar with this policy.