Build Your Experience

Build knowledge and skills while you’re in school. Complement your classroom learning through experiential learning to become even more confident and competitive for your future professional endeavors. According to the NACE Job Outlook survey, when employers are weighing the difference between candidates, experience is a key factor in their decision-making.  

“Experience” can include any career-related work or service opportunities that offer professional supervision and training for an occupation or industry. The type of experience you pursue should relate to your interests. This will help you clarify your career preferences, obtain occupation-specific skills, and expand your professional network.

Visit the Link Center to explore popular areas of involvement which can beef up your resume: 

Additional Involvement Opportunities

Dive into student involvement opportunities both on and off campus. Community involvement can help: 

  • Experience classroom concepts in action in the “real-world.” 
  • Explore industries, organizations, companies and careers of interest. 
  • Discover both preferences and dislikes. 
  • Expand your professional network. 

Additional involvement opportunities include:

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