International Student Transcripts and Academic Records

Information on Submitting Transcripts and Academic Records

Academic transcripts and records are documents that include scores, marks or grades for the educational courses you have completed during a specific period, such as:

  • Grade or mark sheets
  • School records
  • Statement of results, e.g. for state and national exams
  • Diplomas

Transcripts and academic records are created by the secondary school (high school), college, university, or technical school you attended, or by the government body that administered related exams. A transcript or academic record must include all the following information:

  • Your name, the institution’s name, and the dates during which you studied there
  • Names of all the courses or exams you completed
  • Grades, scores, or marks earned for all completed courses and/or exams
  • Diplomas, certificates, or degrees earned

You may submit transcripts for courses or degrees still in progress and, in some cases, an admission decision may be made with these transcripts.

Official vs. Unofficial Transcripts and Academic Records

UW-Superior classifies all transcripts and academic records as either official or unofficial.

During the application process, UW-Superior will accept unofficial transcripts from secondary and post-secondary schools and institutions located outside the U.S.; official transcripts are required from schools and institutions located within the U.S.

Official Transcripts and Academic Records

Before starting classes, students must submit official copies of all transcripts and academic records as well as any related proofs of graduation (diplomas or degrees).

If not submitted, a registration hold will be placed on your account preventing you from registering until all required documents are received.

Unofficial Transcripts and Academic Records

Unofficial transcripts are any transcripts that do not arrive directly to our office from the issuing institution. The following are examples of unofficial transcripts:

  • Documents sent to UW-Superior via email to
  • A screenshot of an online grade report
  • A photocopy of a paper transcript
  • A transcript in an envelope that was not sealed by the issuing school or institution

Submission Methods

Paper/Hardcopy Transcripts and Academic Records

Printed hard copy transcripts will only be received as official if they are in a sealed envelope from the issuing school, institution or body. The envelope can be sent via mail or hand-delivered.

UW-Superior International Admissions Mailing Address

International Admissions
UW-Superior, YU 230
801 N. 28th St.
Superior, WI 54880-5063

Office Hours: Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Central Time Zone)

Digital Transcripts

Electronic transcript images sent through approved certified digital document services, such as Credential Solutions, Parchment, Naviance, National Student Clearinghouse, eScript-Safe and My Creds, will also be considered as official.

When requesting transcripts using any of these services, please use this email address if prompted:

Scanned Transcripts

Documents emailed to UW-Superior may be considered as official if they are directly emailed by a school/institution official from verifiable email address from the school/institution’s records office.

English Language Translations

If documents are not originally issued in English, students must provide a certified English translation as well as all original language transcripts. UW-Superior doesn’t recommend or approve any specific translation service and suggests each applicant research and find a service that best meets their needs.

Translation services provide their certification documentation along with the English language translations.

International Transfer Students

All students who have graduated from secondary school (high school) and attended a college or university are required to submit the items below. Students who have attended the equivalent of one or more full-time semesters (equivalent to 12 or more transferrable U.S. semester credits) should submit the following:

  • Transcripts and/or academic records, including proof of graduating from secondary school (high school)
  • Transcript(s) from each college/university attended, including the final transcript showing all courses completed before enrolling at UW-Superior and English translation (if applicable)
  • (Strongly recommended) syllabi (preferred) or course descriptions (in English) for all previous college/university coursework completed (these documents may be submitted after admission and typically benefit students in the transfer credit evaluation process)

In some cases, transfer students’ previous college or university coursework may require additional evaluation. Such students may be required to submit their transcripts to an external agency for credit evaluation. Evaluations from agencies that are members of NACES or AICE will be accepted. In particular, students have reported a positive experience with ScholaroECEWES and IEE (discount available). Students can contact to clarify whether they are subject to this requirement.