Credit Through Exams

Standardized Exams

UW-Superior accepts credits earned through three types of standardized exams:

  1. AP: High School students whose AP scores on various exams meet the requirements can earn course credit. These are processed upon admission to UW-Superior. View information on exams, scores, and credits.
  2. CLEP: Open to any student, CLEP exams cover a range of courses.
  3. DSST (or DANTES): Open to Veteran students, DSST exams cover disciplinary courses.

Departmental Challenge Exams

Departmental Challenge Exams offer students the chance to earn credit for a course through an exam written and scored by a department. Unlike Standardized Exams, Departmental Challenge Exams are customized to the learning outcomes and curricula of various departments on campus. 

Students should confer with their advisers as appropriate, then contact the Chair of the department to inquire if exams exist for the course(s) of interest. 

Departmental Examinations: the following guidelines have been established for departmental examinations: 

  1. Departmental examination opportunities may be available in courses offered for undergraduate credit. Instruction and evaluation are the responsibilities of academic departments. Accordingly, academic departments will designate those courses eligible for departmental examination and will determine the standards, methods, and procedures for course content and credits.
  2. To have the opportunity for credit by departmental examination, students must make arrangements with the appropriate academic department. After confirming with the department, print the Departmental Credit by Examination form, take the form to the Cashier’s Office and pay a $25 per course service fee before taking the examination. A receipt showing payment of this fee will be verified by examiners at the time the examination is scheduled. The final step is to submit the completed and signed form to the Registrar’s Office so that the course is entered on the official transcript.
  3. Where departmental examination credit is awarded, a grade of (P) pass will be assigned as determined by the faculty in the department. Credit earned through examination will be so noted as such on the student’s transcript. Courses completed by departmental examination will not be computed in determining students’ grade point averages.
  4. No entry will be made on a student’s transcript unless s/he successfully completes a course according to the requirements for departmental examinations.
  5. Students will not be allowed to earn credit by departmental examination in courses in which they already have earned a grade.
  6. Students will not be allowed to repeat an examination for credit in a course in which they have previously attempted to gain credit by examination.
  7. Academic departments will provide opportunities for departmental examinations during the registration period and the first three weeks of each semester or summer school session. Departmental examination credits must be received in the Registrar’s Office no later than the end of the fifth week of the semester to be recorded for that semester.