Mollie Greenberg


Teaching Assistant Professor
Sociology | Public Leadership & Innovation
Office: Swenson Hall 3081


Mollie received her B.A. in both Sociology and Women and Gender Studies (Smith College) and her M.A. in Sociology (University of Maryland).

Her interests include social status, stigma, deviance, and disability. Her work focuses on how perceptions of social status and stigma affect marginalized groups, with an emphasis on people with physical disabilities. Many of her current projects center on how the stigma of physical disability affects disabled individuals and how origin and type of disability can influence these processes.

Mollie has taught many sociology courses including Social Problems, Sociology of Deviance, and Quantitative Research Methods. She also has teaching interests in the Sociology of the Body, Sociology of Disability, Sociology of Sex and Gender, and Experimental Sociology.


  • Master of Arts (M.A.) – Sociology, University of Maryland
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) – Sociology and Women and Gender Studies, Smith College