Joshua Stangle

Dr. Joshua

Associate Professor
Mathematics | Info Technology Management | Computer Science | Brewing
Office: Swenson Hall 3026


Josh was unsure of this path up until his senior year of college. After becoming a teaching assistant for calculus at his undergraduate institution, he realized that a career teaching mathematics to college students was his ideal path. He attended graduate school about 90 minutes east of his undergraduate at Syracuse University and graduated in May of 2017. In the Fall of 2017, he joined UW-Superior, where he continues to do research, and has started to think more critically about his own teaching and assessment style. He has been making changes ever since, with the overall goal of improving the student experience.

Josh likes hiking, biking, cooking, and jazz. He has a wife and dog, and the three of them spend much of their free time exploring the Northland.

Research Interests

Josh is a commutative algebraist by training and title, but his interests are quite varied. His most recent publications are about non-commutative rings which mimic some of the properties of commutative rings. He also has a keen interest in the ways in which areas of mathematics interact, in particular the probabilistic method and the interaction of combinatorics with algebra—both combinatorial algebra and algebraic combinatorics! He is still learning about these areas of mathematics. He is also eager to learn more computer science and is glad to be in a department where that is appreciated and encouraged.


  • 2019 – Partcipant in Project NExT (New Experience in Teaching)
  • 2017 – Syracuse University Doctoral Prize


  • 2017 – Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) – Mathematics, Syracuse University
  • 2013 – Master of Science (M.S.) – Mathematics, Syracuse University
  • 2010 – Bachelor of Science (B.S.) – Mathematics, University of Rochester