New Hire Information

Your Next Steps

Congratulations; you’ve officially been hired as a student employee at UW-Superior! All students hired by UW-Superior must complete new hire paperwork as specified below before they begin working. Most of the paperwork only needs to be completed once, regardless of the number of jobs a student has. There is not a limit to the number of jobs a student employee has; however, there is a limit to the number of hours worked per week for all active contracts.

When a contract has been submitted by your supervisor to the Student Employment Office, you will receive an email from with further instructions (also outlined below). Additionally, you will receive communication via email when your contract has been processed; this email will contain your employee ID, official start date, job title, etc.

Criminal Background Check

Must be completed by all new student employees and student employees who’ve had a 12-month break in employment.

Sexual Harassment Reference Check

Must be completed by all new student employees and student employees who’ve had a 12-month break in employment.


Must be completed by all new student employees. Email to set up a time to complete this document. You may need to download the file, save it to your computer, and open it in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat to view the document. CANNOT be digitally signed.

NOTE: Original and valid ID(s) will need to be presented; see page three of the I-9 form for a complete list of acceptable IDs.

Self-Identification Form

The university is required to collect data on race and ethnicity from its employees to comply with federal record keeping and reporting requirements. The information obtained will be kept confidential and will be used for summary federal reporting purposes and to support institutional affirmative action efforts. Providing this information is voluntary.

Required Trainings

These trainings will be assigned by the Student Employment Coordinator and you should receive separate emails from Shared Services and Vector Solutions to complete the courses. When you’ve completed a training your completion will be visible to the Student Employment Office.

The following trainings are required to be completed before you begin working. Here’s a downloadable list of these required trainings for reference.

  • FERPA – Required to be completed by all employees upon hire. Learn more about FERPA training.
  • Information Security Training – Required to be completed by all employees upon hire, as well on an annual basis.
  • Diversity: Inclusion in the Modern Workplace – Required to be completed by all employees upon hire.
  • Mandated Reporter – Required to be completed by all employees upon hire.

NOTE: Additional training may be required per the position the student employee has been hired in. These trainings can be assigned by the supervisor, Student Employment Office, and/or the Environmental Health and Safety Director.

Set Up Direct Deposit and W-4

The My UW Portal is where you will set up direct deposit and W-4. This is also the system where you will access your timesheet.

Direct Deposit and W-4 Self-Service will be able to enter information on, or after, the official “start date” indicated from the Student Employment Office once the contract has been processed.

Student Employment (SE) Account Information

What is an SE account? An SE account is an account created by technology resources for student employees to perform their job duties. These accounts have access limits on them such as what computers an employee may log into and what times an employee can login. They are also used to control what network resources an employee has access to.
How do I get an SE account? The student employee’s supervisor must request an SE account and specify what access is needed for the account.

UW-System has policies in place for data protection and authentication that limit who has access to data based on the data classification. In order to remain compliant with these policies UW-Superior will be requiring that all student employees use an SE account when performing work duties that require access to technology resources.

If you have any questions about SE accounts please contact Technology Services.