Developmental Education and Instruction

Collegiate Study Skills

Study skills assistance is most readily available through enrollment in IDS 095 – Collegiate Study Skills (a 1-3 credit(s) class). By working as a class team each semester, IDS 095 participants become more aware of study habits and communication strategies that can make them successful in college and in life.

The one credit IDS 095 class provides students with a structure through which they can tap into their own insight, with the help of classmates and the instructor, on areas such as:

  • career and life planning
  • understanding college texts
  • communicating with class
  • studying for larger college exams; coping with test anxiety
  • comprehensive note taking
  • networking with campus resources
  • managing time well
  • appreciating the diversity of a campus community

MATH 090: Fundamentals of Mathematics

Students develop basic mathematics and problem solving skills that prepare them for higher level mathematics. The course is a review of pre-algebra mathematics with an introduction to basic algebra. Topics include: real numbers, with an emphasis on fractions and decimals; percent notation; exponents; algebraic expressions; solving equations and inequalities; polynomials; and an introduction to graphing linear equations.

Tutoring Practicum

MATH ED 305 – Tutoring Practicum is offered each semester, which can be taken for one to three credits. This course is designed for secondary mathematics teaching majors and minors to develop competencies in mathematics content tutoring skills and interpersonal relations needed in peer tutoring with college students. During the practicum, students volunteer as a tutor in the Math Lab. Prerequisite for taking this course is having completed MATH 240 with a grade of C- or better.

IDS 305-Tutoring Practicum is offered each semester, which can be taken for one to three credits. This tutoring practicum in math, writing, or reading/study skills is designed to develop competencies needed in peer tutoring with college students. Skills in content tutoring and interpersonal relations will be developed through a training program. Practicum involves 5-10 hours per week including tutoring, preparation time, and staff meetings. Prerequisites: ENGL 101, 102; MATH 240, or college-level reading/study skill proficiency.


Educational Success Center offers a range of information sessions and workshops every year including Outside Scholarships, Financial Literacy, Test Anxiety, Studying Away, and more. All events are open to the entire student body. Please contact us for more information about upcoming workshops.