Math FastTrack is a FREE four-week online, accelerated math program focused on enhancing basic mathematical skills. On average, over 70% of past participants placed higher in their placement exam after completing Math FastTrack. The program is offered to UWS students each summer, from mid-July to mid-August. After completing the online content, participants have the option of retaking the UW System Mathematics Placement Test. The test retake fee is $20.

What are the advantages of participating in Math FastTrack?

  • Students will increase your preparedness for college-level math courses after reviewing and practicing crucial math topics throughout the course.
  • There is a potential savings of $1500-2000 (i.e. cost of one to two, 3-credit courses) if students place higher on your placement exam.
  • Students may be able to complete your college math requirement faster by taking fewer required math courses.

Who qualifies for the program?

Student eligibility is based on initial UW System math placement exam scores. Remedial or developmental level math (MATH 090, 096 or 097) placement determines eligibility.

What is remedial or developmental math?

Like a remedy, remedial classes are supplementary courses designed to assist in learning, practicing, and strengthening core academic skills necessary for success in college-level courses. These courses serve as extra supports as students take college level math class OR are required before entering into a college-level course.

If interested or have questions, feel free to contact the Educational Success Center at esc@uwsuper.edu.