School of Business and Economics

UW-Superior is a member of AACSB International–The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business

The goal of UW-Superior’s School of Business and Economics (SBE) is to develop effective decision-makers and leaders in both the private and public sectors through a strong, practical business education and comprehensive liberal arts education. The SBE instills in students a passion for excellence, self-confidence, a desire to be a continuous learner and strong leadership skills that they can use throughout their careers.

Students study under highly qualified faculty members who have expertise in their specialized fields as well as extensive business experience.

As a double major in Supply Chain Management and T&L at UWS, I’ve had an incredible journey filled with diverse learning opportunities and real-world applications. The program has broadened my understanding of global supply chains and equipped me with the skills to thrive in the industry. The faculty’s dedication and the hands-on projects have truly made my experience unforgettable. 

Rilie Kupka,
Supply Chain Management, Transportation and Logistics Management

My UWS education really helped me grow as an individual. I formed great relationships at UWS with my professors because of the small class sizes and I now work with some of my peers from my graduating class. Those connections have made the transition from an academic setting to a professional setting much smoother.

Tony Meersman,
Accounting and Finance

I learned more than just economics. I learned broad knowledge about business, finance, accounting, statistics and so much more. An economics degree is like a buffet where you can try different things. The School of Business and Economics prepared me with knowledge that will help in my career path. I can tell you that the people are the best part of UWS. 

Yohan Lee,
Economics, History

I can say with great confidence that UW-Superior’s T&L program was the right choice. Attending networking events and class tours and being around professors who take great pride in seeing their students succeed is something I am grateful to be a part of. These experiences leave me feeling well-prepared for whatever the future may bring me. 

Hayden Thomas,
Transportation & Logistics Management, GIS

Business and Economics Offerings

UW-Superior’s School of Business and Economics offers programs in: accounting, business administration, data science, economics, finance, health and wellness management, international business, management, marketing, supply chain management, sustainable management, and transportation and logistics management.

Programs are taught by highly dedicated faculty who are well-connected and highly regarded in their respected fields, which provides outstanding networking and real-life learning opportunities for students. Programs and curriculum are designed to meet workforce needs and address contemporary topics.

The SBE established an Advisory Council in 2021 that advocates for SBE, its programs and students. The group of highly experienced and successful business leaders will share their expertise and connections to help ensure SBE’s programs optimally prepare students to meet workforce needs and exceed employer expectations. They also help identify and secure opportunities for UWS students.

Each major within SBE offers extensive real-world learning opportunities, including internships, student clubs, Academic Service-Learning opportunities, mentorship competitions and much more. Students can also participate in the Summer Undergraduate Research Program to conduct original research with the support of a faculty or staff mentor. 

SBE strongly encourages internships for all students. Students in the Transportation and Logistics Management (T&L) program are required to complete internships. In addition to faculty recommendations and department resources, the Career Center can help students find internship opportunities. The benefits of internships for students and employers are many, including:

For the Student

  • Learn general business skills
  • Experience leadership examples
  • Experience teamwork opportunities
  • Experience real-world ideas and practices

For the Company

  • Hire enthusiastic employees
  • Provide leadership and mentoring
  • Completion of special project completion
  • Import new ideas and practices
  • Gain new recruiting opportunities
  • Gain an opportunity to free up managers from routine tasks during peak workload periods

SBE Internship Prerequisites

  • Must be admitted into SBE (with the consent of instructor and chair)

Additional information for T&L majors:

  • Successful completion of either TRSP 300 – Supply Chain Management or ECON 333 – Transportation Economics is required.

Internship Time Frame

  • Internships are commonly completed during:
    • the summer between junior and senior year
    • a semester
    • the summer after completing all coursework (walking the stage in May, and then receiving the diploma in August after the internship has been completed)
  • Internships typically last 8 – 12 weeks
  • SBE majors, with the exception of T&L, require a minimum of 45 hours per credit
  • Students, in cooperation with a company, may elect to extend the internship with the company, but it will no longer be for credit. UW-Superior is no longer part of the internship process when credit is not being earned.

Additional information for T&L majors:

  • A minimum six-week long internship is required of all T&L Majors. A typical work week is 20-40 hours.
  • A T&L student is awarded two credits for their first six weeks and then one credit for each week of internship service thereafter.

Meet the Department

Damian Von Frank
Senior Lecturer
Amy Klous
Senior Lecturer, Marketing and Management
Kathryn Pettingill
Administrative Manager
Timothy Larson
Senior Lecturer
Elizabeth Dalzen
Senior Lecturer
Kyle Roskoski
Teaching Associate Professor
Jennifer Garland
Teaching Assistant Professor
Mark Starik
Senior Lecturer
Khadija Ajmal
Assistant Professor of Transportation and Logistics
David Lucia
Senior Lecturer, Business
Daniel Rust
Associate Professor
Peter Stark
Senior Lecturer
Alexander Korogodsky
Senior Lecturer
Sakib Mahmud
Mei Cao
Professor, Transportation & Logistics Director