Writing Center Programs and Services

We offer

  • One-to-one consultations
  • A reference collection (handbooks and other materials with information for you about a host of writing issues)
  • Classroom visits (Instructors can contact writingc@uwsuper.edu, Dr. Hilary Fezzey, to arrange for a consultant to visit a class to inform students of writing center services.)
  • Daytime and evening hours
  • In-person and online consultations

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Student Resources

Web Resources

These web pages provide a great deal of good information for any writer! Find out everything from how to generate good ideas for your paper, to how to develop your thesis, to how to punctuate a sentence, to how to cite your sources.

Purdue University OWL (Online Writing Lab)

University of Wisconsin-Madison Writing Center

UW-Superior Writing Center Resources

At the Writing Center, we have a collection of writing handbooks, and other print resources for writers. Stop by our center in  Swenson Hall 1024 and take a look!