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CCC Lunch (location varies, check details)-staff/faculty lunch (all are welcome)

Wednesday, May 8, 2024 at 8:00 AM
Event Category: Faculty and Staff Event

3C (Campus Community Connection time or Colleague Chill Connection time or Campus Colleague Chill time or [insert 3 C words here]) lunches 

The intent is to set aside time to gather with colleagues and friends (and maybe people you haven’t met yet), to eat lunch together, or just get out of your office for a bit.

Spring 2024:  WEDNESDAY (every other week) from 12-1:00pm

Locations will change each time so check individual dates for specific locations.

Jan 31 SWEN 2nd floor atrium

Feb 14 MWC 2nd floor balcony

Feb 28 Pope Center (OM)

Spring Break (no CCC)

March 27 Library 2nd floor fireplace

April 10 YU 1st floor

April 24 YU patio outside (optimistic about the weather)

May 8  YU patio outside (staying optimistic)

Feel free to pop over or swing up (or down) to join in for as much (or as little) time as you’d like! No expectations. ??


This is NOT an exclusive, invite only event, so please feel free to spread the word and invite others!