Educational Success Center FAQs

Placement Testing

What is the re-take policy?

UW-Superior Test Retake Policy Students…

  • May retake the each placement exam once per academic year
  • Must wait 30 days between your initial exam and any retest
  • Must take an alternate form of the exam
  • Must pay a $20 test retake fee (paid in cash or check upon arrival for the exam)
  • Re-takes must occur prior to registering for the course they are attempting to test out of unless there is instructor approval.

There are two options for the retake, you can retake the exam online, or in-person. If you choose to take the exam online, let the Educational Success Center know to get it set up. In addition, the payment can either be dropped off to Trish Allen, mailed in, or we can have the Bursar’s Office add the $20 to your account, and you can pay it online.

Please contact if you are interested in a re-take.

What if I am unhappy with my placement test scores?

If you are unhappy with their scores, you have the option of retaking the exam and must abide by the Placement Exam Retake Policy (see below).

How can I prepare for the test

Each placement test has a practice exam which can be found at the testing website: Exam study guides can be found at the bottom of the page and utilized to find and supplement gaps in knowledge as well as become familiar with the format of the exams.

Is there a fee to take the placement exams?

The exams are free the first time you take the exam. If you would like to retake the exam, there is a $20 fee. The online proctored exam is $40.

Can I see my placement test scores after taking my test(s)?

Students’ placement scores are uploaded to E-Hive and within 24 hours, you will see the highest level of the course you can take under “non-course milestones” on their unofficial transcript. If you would like to see more details on the score you received, you can contact

What do I need to take my placement test?

To take the placement exam, you will need to have set up your UW-Superior account in order to log in.

How long does a placement test take to complete?

Math and English placement exams are allotted 90 minutes, and the world languages are allotted 60 minutes.

I took the ACT/SAT, do I need to take the placement exam?

Yes. The ACT/SAT does not fulfill our placement requirements. We coordinate with the University of Wisconsin System to produce a placement exam that gives a more accurate insight as to which courses you are ready to take. The main difference between the two is the content of the exams. While they may be similar, the questions in the placement exams are intentionally chosen to get a picture of skills across various the subject areas, whereas we are unable to ascertain this distinction from the ACT/SAT scores. In addition, since the ACT/SAT is not required as part of admissions, we are not using ACT/SAT for any placement to maintain consistency in data.

It’s been two days and I haven’t received an email yet

If you do not receive the email from Meazure Learning within two days, please check your spam/junk folders. If it is not there, email

Are online unproctored placement tests monitored?

Online unproctored placement exams are completely secure, but not monitored or proctored. Each score is reviewed by the Tutoring and Testing Coordinator to monitor discrepancies.

What is the difference between proctored and unproctored exams?

Proctored exams are taken “live” with staff or other hired personnel watching the progress of the exam. All in-person exams are proctored and free the first time taken. Online proctored exams are a $40 upfront fee. Online unproctored exams can be registered for and taken at your convenience. In-person and online proctored exams are scheduled in advance.

Unproctored exam scores will be transferrable to all UW-System schools with the exception of UW-Madison and UW-Milwaukee.

What placement tests do I need to take?

MATH & WRITING/ENGLISH: The writing/English and math placement exams are required for all incoming students.

If you have AP scores or college-level credits in math that we will have on file by their SOAR date, you may be exempt from taking the exam. Please contact to confirm.

WORLD LANGUAGE (SPANISH, FRENCH, GERMAN): If you have taken one of the listed languages and wish to continue pursuing it, you will also need to complete the world language exam.

Why do I need to take placement exams?

The purpose of placement testing is to ensure students are taking the course that matches their skill level and provide them with the support they need to be successful. Results of the exams do not impact admissions status or standing within the university.

How do I sign up for placement testing?

To schedule an online placement exam, please follow the below instructions:

  1. You will use this link to register for your placement exams:
  2. Choose UW-Superior and use your UW-Superior campus credentials to log in and complete the registration form
    • If you have not yet set up your UW-Superior login, you will need to do this first. Your login credentials are located in your acceptance letter; if you cannot find this information, please email me.
  3. You will receive an email from scantron with a username and password for accessing the exams within two business days. The email will be sent to your UW-Superior email
    • When you register for placement testing, you will gain access to all five exams, so verify the exams you need to take.

What is the purpose of placement testing?

The purpose of placement testing is to ensure you are taking the course that matches your skill level and provide you with the support you need to be successful.

Are placement tests monitored?

Online placement exams are completely secure, but not monitored or proctored. Each score is reviewed by the Tutoring and Testing Coordinator to monitor discrepancies.

In person exams are proctored by the Tutoring and Testing Coordinator.

How is the test taken?

The online exam is taken online using a web browser through scantron.

In-person testing is completed using paper and pencil.

When do I need to take my placement test by?

Incoming students need to complete the required placement exams at least two weeks prior to their SOAR date or meeting with their advisor to allow time for scores to be recorded and uploaded.

When and where can I take my placement tests?

Online placement exams can be taken from any location.

In-person placement exams must be taken at UW-Superior in the Educational Success Center, Swenson Hall 1025.

Where are my placement test scores sent? How soon will my campus get my placement test scores?

The scores are initially sent to the UW-System placement exam administrators where the scores are uploaded and recorded, they are then sent to the Tutoring and Testing Coordinator who uploads the scores to E-Hive.  It takes about 1-2 weeks to receive scores and get uploaded to Ehive.

Are there any technology requirements?

Online exams must be completed on a laptop or desktop computer. Recommended browsers are Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. Ensure your browser is updated before beginning the exam.