Pre-College Programs FAQs

GEARS Mentors

Do I need to have a car to be a GEARS mentor?

Many GEARS mentors carpool to tutoring in the community.

How does the GEARS course relate to my service?

Enrolling in SOCI 270: Understanding and Appreciating Youth At Risk will enhance your mentoring experience by improving group communication, reinforcing new concepts, and providing a base for understanding your role as a college student, active community member, and global citizen.

How many hours are typically involved in being a GEARS mentor?

  • A typical week includes 4-6 hours of tutoring
  • Weekend mentoring activities occur monthly, lasting 4-6 hours each

How much do GEARS mentors get paid?

GEARS mentors earn a stipend of up to $500 per semester

What does a GEARS mentor do?

  • GEARS mentors are hired to be positive role models to local youth struggling to succeed in school
  • Job duties include academic tutoring as well as cultural/recreational mentoring activities one weekend per month
  • For more information, view our GEARS Mentor Position Description