Office of Institutional Research and Sponsored Programs FAQs

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External Funding

Who do I contact in relation to Scholarships and Gifts?

For information on scholarships and gifts contact the UW-Superior Foundation.  

Where can I find general University information necessary for applying for external funding?

Sponsored Programs advances funded research, scholarship, and creative endeavors at UW-Superior.

What should I do if I receive a grant award?

When you receive a grant award provide Sponsored Programs with the award notification letter. Sponsored Programs will work with you to receive the necessary approvals/signatures and setup the grant within the accounting system. Learn more about the grant award process.

Who do I contact if I am interested in applying for grant funding?

Please contact Sponsored Programs to learn more about potential funding opportunities and the process for applying for external funding. We can assist you in identifying funding opportunities and applying for funds. All grants must go through Sponsored Programs’ internal routing process for approval prior to submission. To learn more visit Sponsored Programs.

Qualtrics Survey Tool

How do I share a survey with others to review and edit?

In order to share a survey with others to edit and review prior to distribution you will need to send a request to and copy the individuals who need access to the survey on this email.

How do I get access to distribute a survey?

In order to distribute a survey through Qualtrics you will need to submit a request to requesting distribution rights. You will need to include evidence of your Institutional Review Board approval or proof that you do not need approval along with this request. .

University Data

Where can I find current University statistics and data?

View University data, such as enrollment numbers, retention rates, student demographics, etc.

How do I request University data?

To submit a data request, fill out and submit a data request form.