Student Employment FAQs

Student Employment FAQs

What is student employment?

Part-time employment with flexible scheduling. Student employment helps students finance their education and provides opportunities to gain experience and develop skills for their future success in the career world.

Where do I apply?

Visit Handshake – student job opportunities are posted on Handshake, and this link will bring you directly to the Handshake login.  If you’re looking for guides and video tutorials regarding Handshake, or additional information and resources on resume and cover letter reviews, visit the Handshake page in Career Services.

What types of jobs are available?

There are a wide variety of positions on campus, as well as a few available off campus. Some examples of previous positions include:

  • Front Desk Work; answer phones, walk-ins, assist in day-to-day office functions
  • Facilities Attendant; prepare for various events (athletic/intramural/concerts/etc.), assist with set-up, take-down, and clean-up after events
  • Researcher; assist a department with their research needs, conduct experiments, assist cataloging findings
  • Note Taker; take notes in the classes you’re already taking to be utilized by other students
  • Student Supervisor; assist the department in scheduling coverage, running the program, approving other student employee’s time, etc.

What’s the difference between work study and student assist?

The biggest differences between these two terms:

  • Eligibility; work study is only available to students who have been offered and accepted the work study in their Financial Aid Offer
  • Funding; work study and student assist are charged to departments differently, this DOES NOT affect your pay-check
  • Off Campus Opportunities; there are a few positions available for off-campus employment through student employment – these positions are for students who have been offered and accepted the work study in their Financial Aid Offer

Work study:

  • Available for students who were offered work study on their Financial Aid Offer; based on the completed FAFSA.
  • Eligible to work on or in off-campus work study positions (Superior School District, Superior Public Museum, Boys and Girls Club)

Student Assist:

  • Available for all students
  • Eligible to work on-campus only

When am I eligible to begin working?

As soon as you are registered at least at half-time status (6.00 for undergrads) you can begin applying for a student employee position.

What’s the hiring process like?

Once you are student employee eligible – registered at half-time status or more:

Apply for position(s) you’re interested in
Most positions on Handshake require a Resume and/or Cover Letter

Interview for the position
Career Services is a great resource for Interview tips

Get hired for the position

Contract and New Hire paperwork
The contract process will be initiated by your supervisor. Follow-up email and communications regarding new hire paperwork and required signature requests will come from the Student Employment office (via email).

Complete required paperwork
The contract will be processed, and an email indicating the official start date will be sent to the supervisors and student employee from the student employment office.

Required Trainings and Self-Service
In the “start date” email you’ll receive from the student employment office, there will be links for required trainings, and how-to instructions for setting up your direct deposit and completing your W-4/WT4 information. Complete these as soon as possible to ensure you are paid correctly and on time.