Max Briggs brings basketball talents to UW-Superior

Max Briggs brings basketball talents to UW-Superior


Max Briggs has big ambitions during his time at UW-Superior.

In high school, Briggs was a champion basketball player, where he played for New Life Academy in Woodbury, Minnesota. His senior year, he led his team in steals, broke the school record for all-time leading assists and scored over 1,000 points. Now, he will continue his basketball career at UWS.

During last year’s state basketball tournament, Briggs met UWS basketball coach Greg Polkowski – better known by his players as “Coach P” – who strongly encouraged him to play basketball at UW-Superior. After some brief consideration, Briggs decided to enroll.

“I never really had Superior my radar honestly until state,” Briggs said. “Coach P came down and I came to visit a week later, and I was like ‘yeah, this is where I want to be.’”

Briggs credits Polkowski as the main reason he decided to lend his basketball talents to UWS. He said that Polkowski has always been 100 percent straight with him, and never made promises that he couldn’t keep.

Briggs first visited UWS in March and immediately fell in love with the campus – despite the somewhat off-putting weather.

“Even though it’s really cold up here, everything was nice here and it was better than like every other campus I’ve been to,” Briggs said.

Briggs is majoring business administration, with a concentration in management. After graduation, he plans to attend law school and eventually become a sports agent – hopefully for the NBA.

So far, Briggs absolutely loves campus. He is living in Curran/McNeill Hall and spends a decent amount of time hanging out at the Yellowjacket Union and the Marcovich Wellness Center. He is looking forward to making lifelong friendship at UWS, some of which he said he has already made.

However, he has one goal in mind he absolutely wants to accomplish while at UWS: bringing the Yellowjackets basketball team to the Upper Midwest Athletic Conference (UMAC) championship and winning it.

“That’s the biggest thing,” Briggs said. “That’s one of the reasons I came here. They have the best shot of winning here, so I want to be part of the success.”