Business and Financial Services Office FAQs

How do I bill a customer for something I sold them?

In fiscal year 2009-10, the Business Office implemented a centralized invoicing system. This system will be used when you have sold something to a business or organization that is not affiliated with the university and you need to send out an invoice to that customer. Please fill out the invoice request form and send it via e-mail to Please make sure to fill out all of the information needed on the request form (including the four digit revenue code and the cost center number).  If a request form is submitted and it is incomplete, it will be sent back so that the information that is needed can be filled in by the department.

Once an invoice request form is received, the Cashier’s Office will generate a paper copy of the invoice and mail it out to the customer. A copy of the invoice in pdf form will also be sent to the cost center manager. Since the Cashier’s Office is mailing out a paper copy of the invoice to the customer, there is no need for you to send this invoice to the customer also. 

If you have requested an invoice and the customer sends the check directly to your department, please notify the Cashier’s Office that this payment is linked to an invoice. If the Cashier’s Office is not notified that a payment is linked to an invoice, the payment will not be posted properly, which means that the customer’s account will continue to show up as unpaid on the aging schedule. 

It is the goal of the Business Office and the Cashier’s Office to use this invoicing system to help your department capture all of the revenue that it is entitled to.

***Please note that the invoicing system only applies to external customers (businesses and individuals who are not departments and employees on campus).  It is not necessary to generate an invoice in order to chargeback an on campus department if they have used or requested your services.***

If you have any questions about the centralized invoicing system, please contact the Cashier’s Office or the Business Office.

How do I use WISDM?

Please see instructions for how to use WISDM.

How do I know if I should process a budget transfer or a revenue/expense transfer?

How do you know when to process a budget transfer or a revenue/expense transfer in order to move money between two cost centers?  Budget transfers are only done for GPR funds (102, 105, 114, 115, and 402).  Revenue/expense transfers are done for all other fund types.

Budget Transfer Example

Let’s say that Campus Life (Fund 102) is bringing a guest speaker on campus to talk about safety awareness, and the Campus Safety department (also Fund 102) would like to help fund part of this cost ($500) because it fits in with their campus mission.  Campus Safety and Campus Life can submit a budget transfer form to the Budget Office that transfers $500 in budget authority from Campus Safety to Campus Life. 

Revenue/Expense Transfer Example

If you need to transfer money from a PR cost center (Funds 128, 133, 136, 144, etc) to a GPR cost center (or vice versa), a budget transfer will not work.  For example, let’s say that when a department purchased something, they accidentally used the department’s 102 Pro Card instead of the Pro Card for the lab fees.  This means that the expenses were posted to the academic department, and the department needs to be reimbursed.  In order to correct this, a transfer form should be filled out and submitted to the Business Office that will move the expenses out of the GPR cost center and into the PR cost center (the lab fee cost center).  This has the same effect as giving the academic department money, because when expenses decrease, the amount available to spend in the budget line increases.

Please contact the Business Office or the Budget Office if you have any questions about budget transfers and revenue/expense transfers.

How do I fill out a chargeback form?

Please see the instructions for how to fill out a chargeback form.

How do I fill out a transfer form?

Please see the instructions for how to fill out a transfer form.